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                      SUMMER TERM 2019





JAPAN 1467-2019


Venue: Emmanuel Church, Didsbury 

30 April - 18 June 2019

Wednesdays 1.30- 3.30pm     Cost: £48

From feudal warrior state to colonial empire by 1900: from vanquished foe to economic superpower by the 1990s.

After the recession of the late 1990s how did Japan become a leader of the global economy by 2019? Further, on 1 December 2017, Emperor Heisei announced he would abdicate the Chryanthemum Throne, in favour of his eldest sone, Crown Prince Naruhito. What will the future hold for Japan under this new monarch?   

TUTORS: Kevin Harrison, Martin R. Jervis, Alan Sennett

April 30   SENGOKU: Endless Civil War       1467-1615 [MJ]

May   7    TOKUGAWA: Unification              1615-1868 [KH]

May 14    MEIJI: Modernization                  1868-1895 [KH]

May 21    TAISHO: Imperialism                  1895-1926 [MJ]

May 28    SHOWA: Military Adventurism    1926-1941 [AS]

June  4    SHOWA: The Pacific War             1941-1945 [MJ]

June 11   SHOWA: Occupation & Rebirth   1945-1952 [MJ]

June 18   HEISEI: Future Challenges         1952-2019 [MJ]

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Radicals Versus the Establishment

Venue: Emmanuel Church, Didsbury 

25 June - 30 July 2019

Wednesdays 1.30- 3.30pm     Cost: £36


The Napoleonic Wars transformed Britain and re-defined just what the state was.The rise of the British empire was not without its internal critics, who crusaded for many of the political rights now taken for granted. Post-war political unrest culminated in the Peterloo massacre. Nothing in British politics would ever be the same ... 

TUTORS: Kevin Harrison, Martin R. Jervis, Chris Makepeace

June 25    Overview: Radical beginnings (1770-1815) [MJ]

July    2    The 1815 British Establishment [KH]

July    9    Background to Peterloo (1815-1819) [MJ]

July  16    Peterloo: The Day [CM]

July  23    Aftermath [KH] 

July  30    A Radical Legacy [MJ]

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History Inc. & The Portico Library

Peterloo 200: Portico, Politics & Power

Lectures   (To be updated)

THE PORTICO LIBRARY, 57 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HY. 0161-236 6785       admin.assistant@theportico.org.uk





Versailles 1919 and After


Venue: Emmanuel Church, Didsbury 

1 May - 19 June 2019

Wednesdays 1.30- 3.30pm     Cost: £48

One hundred years ago, the Paris Peace Conference determined the politico-geographical map of Europe, with the aim of preventing future wars on the continent. This eight-week course will examine the first-ever experiment in the establishment of the collective security principle. We consider the following questions. How successful were the peace planners? What internal and external political pressures did they have to contend with? Why did the Paris Peace Conference fail to prevent the rise of totalitarian regimes?

TUTORS: Kevin Harrison, Martin R. Jervis, Andrew Jones, Alan Sennett

May  1  Paris 1919: Making the World Safe for Democracy?[AJ]

May  8  Germany in Turmoil: Civil War [MJ]

May 15 The Balkans and the Hapsburg Empire Break-up[MJ]

May 22 Catastrophe: The Russian Civil War [MJ]

May 29 Rebirth: Poland and the Baltic Republics [KH]

June  5 The Middle East:

             The League of Nations Mandates [AS]

June 12 A New Beginning: The League of Nations [AS]

June 19 America: From Intervention to Isolationism [AJ]


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Tudor Society and Politics

Venue: Emmanuel Church, Didsbury 

26 June - 31 July 2019

Wednesdays 1.30- 3.30pm     Cost: £36


The Tudor period combined economic stability with political innovation, resulting in the creation of a modern nation state. We take a look at some of the personalities influencing and dominating this era, by placing them within the context of their times. 

TUTORS: Kevin Harrison, Martin R. Jervis, Andrew       Jones, Creina Mansfield + Steve Millward

June 26    Thomas Tallis [SM]

July    3    Henry VII [AJ]

July  10    John Dee [MJ]

July  17    William Tyndale [AJ]

July  24    Anne Boleyn [CM] 

July  31    William Camden [KH]

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Graham Greene & Panama

Venue: Cross Street Chapel, Central Manchester

10.30am-4.30pm, Monday 29 April 2019  Cost £40

This day school, presented by Dr. Creina Mansfield and Dr. Martin R. Jervis, examines the links between author Graham Greene and the leader of the Republic of Panama. Why did General Torrijos invite Greene to Panama? What role did Greene play in the return of the Panama Canal and the Canal Zone? What were the consequences for the people of Panama?

Tutors: Dr. Creina Mansfield & Dr. Martin R. Jervis

10.30 -11.30am      Under the Shadow of the American Eagle:

                                The Republic of Panama (1821-1981) [MJ)

11.30-11.45 am      Break                                                              11.45-12.45pm       'We the Panamanians':

                                 Greene's Journey to Involvement (CM)

12.45-1.30pm          Lunch

1.30-2.30pm            General Omar Torrijos Herrera:

                                 Dictator & Democrat (MJ)

2.30-2.45pm            Break

2.45-3.45pm            On the Way Back:

                                 The Novel Never Written. (CM)

3.45-4.00pm            Questions and  Answers


Contact Creina Mansfield:

01625-511-581 or creina.m@hotmail.com

Address: Beech Court, Beech Hall Drive,Macclesfield,SK10




Venue: Wilmslow Guild, 11 am - 4 pm

Friday 7 June 2019     Cost £40

This day school examines the conflicting interpretations of the defeat of the Spanish Armada by a combined Anglo-Dutch naval force in 1588. Just how was Spain - the Catholic super power of its day – defeated? What were the long-term consequences for Protestant Northern Europe?

Tutors: Dr. Birgitta Hoffmann & Dr. Martin R. Jervis

11.00 -12.00pm     The Uprising in the Netherlands Against                                      Spain [BH)

12.00-12.15 pm     Break                                                              12.15-1.15pm        Sir Francis Drake: Explorer, Privateer Slave                                 Trader & Vice Admiral (MJ)

1.15 -1.45pm         Lunch

1.45  - 2.45pm       The West India Company and the

                               Dutch Naval War (BH)

2.45 – 3.00pm       Break

3.00 – 4.00pm       The Spanish Armada:

                               Fact, Fiction  and  Consequence (MJ)

Contact Birgitta Hoffmann:

0161-300-5532, 07747533070 or latinteacher@btinternet.com


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